We help you solve your documentation management issues

- Diagnosis of Document Management efficiency and definition of improvement plans

- Set-up of Document Control departments

- Benchmark of Document Management tools

- Implementation of Document Management and Collaboration tools

- Change management related to the implementation of new methods and tools

- Writing of the Document Management section of a Quality Assurance Manual

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We deliver training sessions dedicated to Document Control

These training sessions are made for:

- Document Controllers who wish to improve their knowledge of the discipline
- Librarians willing to move to a Document Control position
- Industrial project members willing to better understand document management methods

The content of each training is flexible: it is defined with our clients so as to match participants’ expectations.
The sessions can be held in our offices, on client’s site, or through webinars accessible on the internet.

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The amount of information produced on large industrial projects often hinders efficiency:

- Too much time required to find the right piece of information leads to the development of counter productive data networks, whereas information should be easily accessible to all

- Non optimised time to produce or process information (loss of productivity)

- Difficult management of the project progress, lack of a global vision of the different deliverable status: issued, under review, validated, etc.

- Uneasy hand over in case of staff changes: when the owner of paths to information leaves a project, major amounts of information are lost

- Long term capitalization from a project to another impossible

In the context of an industrial project, poor Technical Document Management also generates significant risks:

- Operational risks: exchange and use of a wrong document (wrong version, comments not taken into account, etc.) that impact the design and the construction

- Financial risks: poor visibility of the project progress, design evolutions, poor management of the contractual relationship between a client and its contractor (penalties, change orders, etc.)

- Risks related to information security in the exchanges of documents

- Legal risks: lack of document traceability in case of litigation or lack of compliance with regulation requirements

Talengi is a specialist of Information Management in the energy and construction sectors. We provide our clients with resources, methods and tools enabling them to manage and control the documentation produced and exchanged on their industrial projects.

- We select Document Controllers that can step in at the different phases of a project, from the Pre-FEED to the construction

- They are selected according to their skills and motivation

- They master the use of Document Management software and all necessary computing tools

- They speak and write English fluently

- The quality of their work is closely monitored throughout their assignments and we operate a strict customer satisfaction policy

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