On-site training


Document Control : a discipline in itself

Document Control differs general « document management ». Although both fields do exist on industrial projects, they answer to two different types of concerns that should not be confused:


Talengi delivers training sessions specifically focused on Document Control These training sessions are made for:

- Document Controllers who wish to improve their knowledge of the discipline

- Librarians willing to move to a Document Control position

- Industrial project members willing to better understand document management methods

The content of each training is flexible: it is defined with our clients so as to match participants’ expectations.
The sessions can be held in our offices, on client’s site, or through webinars accessible on the internet.

Our training techniques

Training sessions alternate presentation phases, workshops and tool practice. They are designed to promote practice and concrete scenarios.


They allow the attendants to understand the risks related to Document Management, become familiar with the general principles of Document Control and its issues. They are structured to be as lively as possible and contain interactive phases (quizz, video testimonials…).

Tool Workshops

They provide the participants with the possibility to approach and practice the circulation of documents in an EDMS, the update of a Master Deliverable Register, the use of distribution matrix, the use of EDMS reporting modules, the management of Engineering Tags, etc.

Role playing games

Role playing games allow every participant to better envision the everyday situations of Document Management so as to better understand the interactions of a Document Controller with other project members. They are a great way to unblock stressful situations.

Example: Simulation of a crisis meeting between a Doc Controller, an Engineering Manager, a Quality Manager and a Lead Discipline. This fictive meeting is caused by an error that has been made in sending a document to the contractor. This error may have contractual impacts. Participants are split into groups of two or more, each group having a « role » to play (the doc controller, the engineering manager,…) and a short briefing that precise the state of mind of the character, his vision of the sequence of events, his constraints, etc. The meeting aims at clarifying the sequence of events that led to the error, determine responsibilities and find a solution.

After each role playing game, the moderator proceeds to a debriefing. He puts the situation played into perspective, he analyses the role of the Document Controller and suggests his vision of good practice in Document Management.