Technical Assistance in Document Control

Talengi is a specialist of Information Management in the energy and construction sectors.


We provide our clients with resources, methods and tools enabling them to manage and control the documentation produced and exchanged on their industrial projects.


  • We select Document Controllers that can step in at the different phases of a project, from the Pre-FEED to the construction
  • IlsThey are selected according to their skills and motivation
  • They master the use of Document Management software and all necessary computing tools
  • They speak and write English fluently
  • The quality of their work is closely monitored throughout their assignments. We operate a strict customer satisfaction policy


We differ from large technical assistance companies by the expertise, the continuous training and the quality of the support we provide Document Controllers with

A selective recruitment for a passionate and dynamic team

We recruit talented women and men at all steps of their careers, from juniors to experts. We choose our candidates according to their technical skills, but also according to their interpersonal qualities, their dynamism and their interests in new technologies.


A rigorous follow-up of each contract

Each technical assistance contract is closely followed-up, to ensure that the delivered quality meets our customer expectations. A Talengi partner regularly meets or contacts the client team to identify improvement opportunities. The results of this feed-back are included in the performance assessment of our collaborators and contributes to their reward.


A unique support for our consultants

Our support team is in charge of coordinating the answers to all questions Document Controllers encounter along their assignments: project benchmarks, feed-back on specific tools, etc. In this way, Document Controllers permanently benefit from Talengi’s expertise.


A complete initial training and a continuing training adapted to our collaborators’ needs

After their integration in the company, our coworkers follow a unique training cycle that enables them to reach Talengi quality standards.

Technical skills They form the basis of this training: according to the level at which they are recruited, our collaborators strengthen their knowledge of tools and market practices in the Document Control or Information Management fields.

Personal qualities They are equally important: rigour, personal organisation, oral and written communication, capacity to integrate into the client team or to manage stressful situations… many qualities that we develop with our co-workers to help them to continuously improve.

Global sectorial understanding Sectorial knowledge constitutes a fundamental point to make the Document Controller a trusty and watchful interlocutor of the client team. The training courses of our Document Controllers consequently encompass sessions on the energy sector and the industrial projects organisation: their different parts, the goals of each step and their impacts on documentation.