The Document Control Company

For more than 10 years, Talengi has been implementing the best Document Management & Control practices and trained Document Controllers as well as other professionals of the Energy sector.

The only on demand Document Control Workforce, available when you need it

Consulting Services in Business Process definition and implementation, Software Selection and Implementation, Change Management

Training Expertise, using engaging pedagogy, best practices and modern tools

The Document Control Company


Why Talengi

Best of Document Control

Best of Breed

We support our clients in the design, update and implementation of their business processes and tools. Best practices and quality are at the heart of our activities to ensure the implementation of solutions that match the needs of our clients.



On Demand Document Control Workforce, Consulting and Training Services

On Demand Document Control, Consulting and Training

In a world of distributed teams and hybrid work, companies need to focus more and more on their core business. Outsourcing your Document Management & Control as well as Collaboration related resources and tools will help you optimize efficiency, increase flexibility and reduce costs.

Document Control Dashboards

Stay in Control

With good practices, secure tools and recurrent coordination meetings, your information is safely used, stored and communicated. Access key metrics and data at any moment with the cloud collaboration tools that we put at your disposal.

Cloud Document Control

Cloud Native Applications

We focus our use, recommendations and implementations of tools on cloud native solutions that offer the best experience for all project members

Safe Data

The tools we use and recommend all comply with major norms and standards in terms of data security

Document Processing

When it comes to manage document processes, such as issuance, quality control, review & approval, signing, confidentiality, you are in good hands with Talengi


We provide you with easy to analyse dashboards that facilitate your decision making process

Access from anywhere

Our tools and processes are designed to give you the same experience wherever you are working from

Automated Processes

We automate as much as possible all business processes in order to gain in quality, productivity and global satisfaction


On Demand Services


Frequently Asked Questions

What Services does Talengi offer?

Talengi is the all-in-one company for Document Control. We provide our clients with Document Controllers, Document Management and Collaboration Software, Consulting and Training Services. This means that Talengi is your main focal point when it comes to discuss business processes, tools, how to use them, as well as take care of Change Management.

What does On Demand Document Control mean?

We put at your disposal Document Controllers that will work remotely for you. They will use the tools you already owe or the tools we will have implemented for you. Our Document Controllers work for you only when you need them and acomplish the tasks you need at a given moment. This way, you do not need to manage long recruitement processes, train your personnel, manage vacation plannings and replacements, etc. Talengi frees you from all of these constraints. This maximises efficiency and cost reduction.

What sectors do you address your services to?

We have a combined experience of 30+ years in the Energy sector on major international engineering and construction projects. We have been working during development and production phases, on FEED and EPC contracts. Our expertise can be extended to other sectors and we prooved it with experience in the Law or Waste Management fields.

Is Talengi a software editor?

Along our experiences on projects, we gained expertise on various systems such as Aconex, Documentum or PIMS.

We developped a portfolio of No Code and Low Code solutions to match the specificities of our clients thanks to pure cloud applications that can be customised as needed. We believe this way is the future of Document Management & Control applications and we would love to share our vision with you.

What kind of Document Control trainings do you propose

We have developped trainings addressed to Document Control beginners, but also to experienced ones.

Individuals and companies can contact us to organise standard or customised trainings.

In these Document Control trainings, we cover the fundamentals of the practices, but we have also developped specific modules that make you know more about the specificities of the documents that flow between a contractor and its client, the tools we use on a daily basis and how to build efficient tracking of the documentation.

Our trainings are based on many years of return of experience and are interactive, engaging and thanks to the specific tools that we use, you will enjoy learning with us!

How can we contract your services?

Talengi is a french company and we operate from France, with headquarters near Paris.

After a needs analysis phase and an agreement signed by both parties, we can start working together. With our On Demand services, we operate remotely. We track the time spent on the tasks required by our clients and invoice on a monthly basis as per time spent on accomplishing the tasks you contracted us for.

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